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Commercial Content

Director / Cinematographer

Kickstarter – The Moon’s Milk

Working on his stop motion film for over seven years the director needed additional funding to bring his charming story to fruition. Turning to Kickstarter and using this video the director raised over $32,000. Now completed The Moon’s Milk  is a festival favorite and continues delight a broader audience.

Freeze & Share

In conjunction with Harvard trained Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh and Storymade Studio this three part series shows how a revolutionary egg freezing program has brought families struggling with fertility the gift of life.

August Wine

Known for importing unique wines from family owned vineyards in Italy, France and more August Wine uses this educational series to inform their audience and staff on the story behind every bottle.

Episona – User Story

Using the emerging field of epigenetics to deliver affordable and effective fertility testing for men the startup Episona is changing lives. This customer story tugs at the heart, featuring a couple who struggled for years to have children and were finally able to grow their family with the help of this breakthrough product.